We're pleased to present you with this Gallery of "Secrets"!

These fine works of art were created and generously donated by members
of the Broward Art Guild.
Choose a few favorites and make a note of them, then visit our gallery to
partake in our Opening Reception where these pieces will be available on
March 1st.
We will be holding a lottery for which each buyer can purchase a $50.00 ticket.
As each ticket is drawn, the owner of the ticket will select a “secret” work
from the exhibit. Then...the secret identity of the artist who created the piece
will be revealed!
There are several pieces of artwork shown on this gallery page, so make sure
you scroll through all of the images!
If you're revisiting our website and have the numbers of your favorite
pieces of artwork at hand, please use our convenient search bar at the bottom
of this page and and you'll be directed to the specific images you want to see.
Proceeds from the show will help grow our art community and keep
The Broward Art Gallery vital for many years to come.